Is Corona Virus a new Start or beginning of the End?

Year 2020 : We live in an era where every tiring job is all a matter of touch. We dream of interplanetary technologies invading planets ruling economies world of business tycoons and where Political leaders are striving to become super humans. In a World full of greed, apathy and selfish pursuits of living lives, A world where all relationships are fickle, we kill animals to feed our hunger, tear their skin , devour and destroy their bodies to fulfill our needs. we take nature for granted. we stake ecosystem for Economy, like all these speechless species were evolved to serve human species , We injure nature and rip it off its beauty and serenity. 

Is Corona Virus a new Start or beginning of the End
Is Corona Virus a new Start or beginning of the End

COVID-19 outbreak: A massive viral infection killing millions round the globe originated from China. This fatal infection suddenly took over the entire medical machinery of the entire human society and as a result the pace of all our busy lives is ceased. A sudden jolt to the entire world, where we were busy building economies this silent killer stroked us where we were the weakest. This pandemic has just hit the raw vein. Saviors are also dying due to this deadly virus. Millions are infected and thousands have died. This catastrophe has showed us how fragile our existence is and where we stand in front of this calamity. The superhuman is nothing but a piece of blood and flesh now, crawling and starving for food, for life but as of now death is in the air. 

Those carefree locks moving and dazzling in the cold winds have transformed into suffocated faces covered with masks. We seem to be really helpless praying endlessly so that we survive and stay alive like all of a sudden some magic happens and everything becomes normal like before. But this time it seems like nature chose itself over humanity .Healing those scars that we gave it. Areas where car horns and heavy traffic blew or mind off , are sounded by the chirping birds , clear skies ,significantly less pollution and noticeably this virus seems to be biased killing only humans and it seems to be fair on the part of Mother nature. 

Is Corona Virus a new Start or beginning of the End
Is Corona Virus a new Start or beginning of the End

The approach of the world leaders would surely enter a new dimension but as natural human tendencies Go we generally tend to forget the bad times we were into as soon as things get normal. we'll still be cruel and Ruthless back to adding individual nutshells towards destruction. Again harming nature as our basic human predisposition goes rest is mystery and yet comes A question constantly revolves like two sides of a dipole whether a new start or the end ? 

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