Is Covid-19 Pandemic effecting your Mental Health? Check Now

Corona Virus and Our Health

Coronaviruses is a group of viruses that cause illness from common cold to severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). But this Novel Corona Virus (nCoV) is new and has not been seen before in humans. All Coronaviruses are transmitted between animals to humans, for example; civet cats were the source of transmission of SARS-CoV to humans. It already has been around four months of fighting with this Covid-19 pandemic and we know many things about this new disease such as; its symptom, precaution etc. We also know that there is still no vaccine to cure this. But we can defeat this by maintaining safety precautions. (Source)
Is Covid-19 Pandemic effecting your Mental Health Check Now
Is Covid-19 Pandemic effecting your Mental Health Check Now

Some Safety Precaution:

- Regular Hand Washing
- Covering Mouth and Nose
- Social Distancing
- Sanitizing Hands
- Using handkerchief or tissues while sneezing or coughing etc.

Now let’s talk about new threat.

Corona Virus and Mental Health
The untold threat of this Covid-19 pandemic is that it is affecting the mental health of people. As we all know, due to this pandemic situation, almost every part of the world is maintaining lockdown to secure the lives. In our India also, the fourth stage of Lockdown (lockdown 4.0) is going on. The lockdown is to slow down the transmission of virus in human to human. But some negative side of lockdown is:

- Financial issues
- People lost their jobs
- Sudden change in daily routine etc.

Due to this lockdown, Companies and Industries are closed; Shops and complexes are closed; so, the peoples are jobless nowadays. There is a famous idiom in India, ‘Khali Dimag, Saitan ka Ghar’. This pandemic situation is now effecting people mentally because a large number of people don’t know how to deal with this kind of situation. People with regular work routine, lost their jobs and now don’t know what and how to deal with this. So, they are drinking alcohol, over thinking, being alone etc. Also, due to no job, financial issues arising in families. All this is leading these peoples toward mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress. These problems are not new, but these are the serious threats to people now days.

According to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization

“The impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health is already extremely concerning,” “Social isolation, fear of contagion, and loss of family members is compounded by the distress caused by loss of income and often employment.” (Source)

How to precaution your mental Health?

As we discussed about the reasons of mental health issues in lockdown. People have to care of themselves. Because we don’t know exactly, how long this situation is going to stay and how much time it will take to be normal again. So, we have to stay mentally very fit to fight with this. Here are some tips to maintain mental wellness:

- Exercise
- Healthy Diet
- Avoiding Alcohol and Drugs
- Good Sleep
- Spent time with family and share problem

Is Covid-19 Pandemic effecting your Mental Health Check Now
Is Covid-19 Pandemic effecting your Mental Health Check Now
It is said that brain is a driver of the body and so, if you are mentally unwell, then nothing is going to be good. In this situation, there are few things, you could do. Such as Exercise because a good physical health is directly related with good mental health. Also, it reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The body needs essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals etc) to stay healthy so as brain. If your brain don’t get the nutrients, it could lead you to risk of mental health issue like depression, anxiety etc. Also, you have to avoid alcohol and drugs to stay healthy, because in maximum cases, alcohol and drugs are the main reason of these kinds of problem.

The relation between mental health and sleep is not clear, but this is a fact that a good sleep helps person mentally and physically. The last thing you can do is spent time with your family because it will help you to be emotionally strong. Try these steps and you will surely feel better.

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