The Ultimate Information about Virtual Reality | Best Articles to Read

Virtual reality
The world where we live in, it's reality. But the Virtual reality is a computer generated artificial environment. In other words it's a reality which is not real (I am not joking).
Virtual reality (VR) is a computer generated modern technology which interact with the user to immerse him in virtual surrounding by the combination of software and hardware. The technology forms a relationship between the user and virtual surroundings. And virtual objects are perceived through the technologies working on human sense.

The Ultimate Information about Virtual Reality | Best Articles to Read
The Ultimate Information about Virtual Reality

The "sensorama" machine was invented by Morton Leonard Heilig (the pioneer of modern vr technology) in 1957 and patented in 1962, introduced the first 3D film, which might use all of senses of the viewer. The machine was designed for a one viewer and enabled the viewer to become immersed through media.

Nowadays, VR technologies use VR headsets or multi-projected artificial environments to form realistic images, sounds and other sensations to simulate the user's physical presence in an exceedingly virtual world.

10 amazing uses of Virtual Reality

VR technology most commonly used in entertainment such as 3D cinema, 3D vedio gaming, space exploration etc. The technology has enormous potential in changing the future of varieties of fields like healthcare, education and training, engineering and architecture, social science and psychology.

1. Gaming
Gaming in virtual reality make feel the user as a player himself in a virtual world. VR gaming use projector rooms or multiple screens with VR headset.
The Ultimate Information about Virtual Reality | Best Articles to Read
The Ultimate Information about Virtual Reality | Best Articles to Read
2. 3D cinema:
Watching a 3D cinema or virtual reality cinema, the viewers can feel the story of that cinema are happening in front of them.

3. To train employees
Uses of VR technology in training for employees is growing exponentially. Walmart is using VR to train their employees to pick up tower, Walmart declared that they have noticed a massive improvement in employees after providing VR training to their employees.

4. Medicine
There are many effective application of VR technology in the field of treatment. The students or a new surgeon can practice complex surgery without stepping into the operation theatre with help of VR technology.

5. Military
The Army, Navy and Airforce all the departments of military are adopting VR technologies. The technology helps the soldiers to be prepared for extremely dangerous situations without putting them into any risks.

6. Space exploration
VR has immense potential for the organisations like ISRO or NASA and the people who are curious about space. The space organisations are adopting VR technology to train astronaut on how to spacewalk and exposure to zero-gravity work environment. By using this technology they are able to create a real situation what the astronaut may face.

7. Treatment of PTSD and pain management
VR can be used to treat anxiety disorders such as PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also used in pain management of patients, wearing a VR headset the patient's brain destract and confuse the pain pathway by drawing their minds from suffering.

8. To help in Business 
The businessmen always tries to save their times and reduce cost in travel, conduct interviews. So nowadays many companies are using VR conference room for their meetings. They are also recruiting employees with the help of VR technology.

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9. Designing cars
Virtual reality is a very important technology that seems to be very integrated in the Vehicle Development Process (VDP). VR helps cars in designing, styling and also in marketing and sales. 

10. Planning for next vacation
Using of VR is really a great way to select a place where you want to travel. You can see what kind of hotels or anything you need the cities offer.

Negative effects of virtual reality
Not only the advantages but also disadvantages or negative effects are there in virtual reality such as dizziness, eyes strain, eye soreness, and radiation exposure may occur by additional use of VR technology.

However, everything in the world has some positive and some negative effects. But we should always take the advantages of positive effects of anything. The VR technology was introduced at the early mid of 19th century but the VR technology industry is growing now exponentially. The technology has enormous potential to change our lives.

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