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How Apps can help in Social Distancing?

Previously in our articles, we talked about Covid-19's different form of effects on our lives. Also, we talked about the precaution methods to stand against the transmission of Covid-19 Virus. Social distancing is the ideal way to stop transmission of virus. This is why, Govt. of India and every health organization of India is forcing to maintain Social distancing. Till the discovery of vaccine, Social distancing is our most effective weapon against this deadly virus. Today in this article, we are going to talk about a very effective way to maintain Social distancing. Yes, the world of internet could help us to maintain Social distancing.

Use Android Apps to Maintain Social Distancing  Best Articles
Use Android Apps to Maintain Social Distancing  Best Articles

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. We use different kind of mobile applications in our daily life. From purchasing grocery to cooked food, medicine to emergency helps, Banking to stationary; and also to avoid gathering, these applications can help us to get the services at our home. 

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Here is the list of Grocery Apps, Medicine Delivery Apps, Communication Apps, Banking Apps and Fitness Apps. These will help you to avoid gathering as much as possible.

Grocery Apps
Grocery shopping is an unavoidable task and it's very normal to visit grocery shop for once, twice or multiple times in a day. We all know that there is risk of virus transmission outside, therefore it is quite risky to step out outside. In this situation, Grocery Apps can help you to get groceries at your home. Here are some best grocery apps; BigBasket, Grofers, ZopNow, Flipkart Supermarket, Nature’s Basket, DMart Online Grocery Shopping. Try these apps for groceries.

Use Android Apps to Maintain Social Distancing  Best Articles
Use Android Apps to Maintain Social Distancing  Best Articles

Nobody loves to take medicine, but it is very important for a patient. And for this, you must have to go outside to purchase medicines. Here, Netmed, Medlife, Practo, Medplus Mart App can help you to get medicines at your door step. You just need to upload prescription and quantity. They will deliver the medicines at your home.

Communication Apps
Due to this lockdown, Everything is closed temporarily. Many companies are asking their employees to work from home. So as an employee, you need some help to set a better communication with your clients. As face to face meetings are not possible in lockdown, Video Calling apps like; Google Meet, Zoom etc can help you.

Banking Apps
For a businessman, Banking is a part of their daily life. And ordinary people also have to visit bank for many reasons. In this situation, this is risky for all. We understood that it's an unavoidable task, but you can make it more easier by using Banking apps for online transactions, query, requests etc. This will help you to decrease risk and also to save your time. Here are some best Banking Apps like; Yono SBI, HDFC Mobile Banking, ICICI Mobile Banking, PhonePe, Google Pay etc.

Use Android Apps to Maintain Social Distancing  Best Articles
Use Android Apps to Maintain Social Distancing  Best Articles

Fitness App
Exercise is a proven way to keep healthy and improve lifestyle. But, if you are in a COVID-19 lockdown can be a challenge. You can neither go out to the nearby park nor head to your gym. In this situation, Fitness Apps can short out your problem easily. Just adding 30 minutes of exercise can help you to feel better in this lockdown. Here are some fitness app; Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Sworkit, Workit, Runkeeper.

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