Boycott China Products in India | India-China Clash

'Boycott China Products', These words are not new for us. We have been hearing these words from time to time as a movement, but it has never been able to last long. Question is why? 
In India, we all are very much aware about the quality and purpose of these products, even than, why a country like China has a large userbase in India? Well as a true Indian, I am also taking part in this Boycott China Movement. And in this article, we are going to cover some major points : 

1. Why we should boycott products of China?
2. Reasons to boycott China Products.
2. How far is it possible to boycott products of China completely? 
3. What steps we can take to boycott China Products?

Why we should boycott products of China?

Boycott China Products
Boycott China Products

There are many causes to boycott China Products. According to a research, China's exports to India in 2019 was around 515.63 billion yuan while India's imports to China was only 123.89 billion yuan. The kind of situation is going on with China right now, in this situation if we are buying things that they have made that means we are helping them financially. However, as per our current situation, this is quite impossible to boycott china completely. But we have to start from somewhere. If we are successful even 50% in this, then we will get lot of positive results. 

Just for an example, if we stop using a particular Chinese Product then the value of Indian alternatives of that particular Chinese product will start increasing in the market, which will create new employment opportunities and also will help Indian economy to grow. 

Another reasons to boycott are Poor Quality of goods, Competition for Indian products, No Guarantee or Warranty etc. 

Poor Quality of goods: We all are aware of the quality of Chinese goods.  The reason behind poor quality is population and demand of the product due to cheap price.  And in order to meet the demand of the product, China makes such a large quantity of low quality goods. 

Competition for Indian products: Despite of low quality, these are very much in demand in India due to the low price of the Chinese Goods. On the other hand, with good quality but a little expensive than Chinese products, Indian products are unable to compete with Chinese products in Indian markets.

No Guarantee or Warranty: As we said earlier, China makes such a low quality goods to meet the demand. And we know very well that low quality things do not last long. That is why Chinese products has no guarantee or warranty.  

How far is it possible to boycott China products completely?

Well, complete boycott of China products is a tough campaign. It is not completely possible right now as Chinese goods has settled a strong deep roots all over Indian market. Also we are still not capable of producing products in cheap rates and good quality at a same time. But we have to start from somewhere, so that we can help in the development of our country and countrymen. There are few options available that we can do to help our nation development as well as to boycott Chinese products. For example, 

By using available alternativesIt is true that we cannot compete with China's cheap goods, But there are many such sectors in Indian industries which produce cheap products almost equal to Chinese goods. These are much better than Chinese products in quality. We should use them as an alternatives of Chinese Products. For an example, why should we use Chinese LED lights when we can replace them with India-made lights?

I know that there is not alternatives for every Chinese item, but we can use those Indian options that are available to us. Such as Toys, textiles, builder hardware, footwear, apparel, kitchen items, luggage, hand bags, cosmetics, gift items, fashion apparel, food grains, watches, garments, stationery, paper, household items, lighting items, health products, packaging products, Diwali And Holi items, glasses etc.

By choosing Indian over Chinese: Most of the people in India buy low quality Chinese products due to their cheap price instead of good quality Indian products. There are many reasons behind this. Such as these low quality Chinese products looks attractive, cheap price, good quantity etc. But this thinking or strategy needs to be changed. Here money is also a important factor because most of the people in India lives below the poverty line and they can not afford the price of good quality products whether these things are from India or China. So here, Indian company will have to come forward and have to find such resources which can help them to provide products with good quality and a cheap price.  As we said earlier, complete boycott is a tough task for us and it will take a long time. till than what we can do is, we can choose Indian products over Chinese which are available in almost same prices.  

CAIT's initiative to Boycott China Products

After the clash between India and China at Ladakh's Galwan Valley, Traders organization CAIT calls for boycott china products. CAIT has released a list of 500 Chinese goods to be boycotted. CAIT is also targeting Chinese funding Indian startups. You can read full details of CAIT's initiative on Internet.  

That's it for now. Comment below your opinion about 'BOYCOTT CHINA PRODUCTS' or 'INDIA-CHINA CLASH' in the comment box. Make sure to follow for more articles and information. Thank You 

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