How Much You Know About VPN, What is VPN, Best free VPN

What is VPN? 

The word VPN is stand for Virtual Private Network. VPNs allows a user to create a private and secure connection to connect with any network over the internet.

How Much You Know About VPN? What is VPN? Best free VPN
How Much You Know About VPN? What is VPN? Best free VPN
Basically a VPN connects your device connection to another server somewhere on the internet and then you can browse internet using that server. For example, if you connect with a server outside your country, it will appear as you are browsing internet from that country the server belongs to. VPNs are used to secure your connections to public Wi-FI, hide your IP addresses and make your browsing completely private. VPN helps you to hide your IP address. It helps you to hide your city, country and any torrent download history linked to you. By connecting with server of a different country, you can access to blocked and restricted sites. But it is not good because these sites are blocked due to growing internet cencorship.

History of VPN
The journey of Virtual Private Network technology was started in 1996 by a Microsoft Employee. It was started by Gurdeep Singh-Pall (according to most of sources), an employee of Microsoft started developing the Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol or PPTP and in 1999, the specification of VPN was published. 
vpn technology was developed mainly for big companies and organizations. This was developed to create a secure and private network for them, so that they can easily communicate and share important files with each other without risk of stealing sensitive data by Unaurthorized person. This technology was not for all average internet users. Over the time, third party VPN providers appeared to provide this technology to average internet users. And rest is the history. Today, almost every internet user knows about VPN technology.

How VPN Works? 
VPN works by routing your Internet connection through your VPN server. Which means that when you're connected to a VPN, you are indirectly using an another server. Normally whenever you browse internet from your PC, the data transmission to Internet comes from your ISP. But when you're connected to a VPN server, the data transmission to Internet comes from the VPN, not from your PC.

Is it safe? 
VPNs are used to create a secure and private network for users, so you must know that the VPN you are using is safe or not. By connecting to a different server, you are hiding your identity but also you are sharing your details with a VPN provider. So it is very necessary to use a reputed and trusted VPN. However using VPN is legal but any illegal activity carried out online will remain illegal whether you use a VPN or not.

How Much You Know About VPN? What is VPN? Best free VPN
How Much You Know About VPN? What is VPN? Best free VPN
Some Interesting Facts About VPN

1. Do you know by changing your IP address with a VPN can lower the price of a subscription, Rent and Online Deals. 

2. Around 30 Countries have banned VPNs completely. 

3. VPN does not make you 100% anonymous.

4. VPN users can still be Hacked. 

5. You can access restricted content by using VPN. 

6. PPTP is the oldest VPN protocol.

Best Free VPNs 
It is very important to use a trusted and reputed VPN for a secure connection. Here is the list of best free VPNs. 

1. NordVPN
NordVPN was created in 2012 by four childhood friends. NordVPN works on 6 devices at once. NordVPN is a trusted company and also has desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has 5,390+ servers across 60+ countries. Also it's CyberSec technology helps you to block suspicious websites, malware and ads. 

2. Express VPN
Express VPN is one of most rated VPN of 2020. Express VPN is a product of British Virgin Islands-registered company Express VPN International Ltd. It works on operating systems like Android; iOS; Linux; macOS; Microsoft Windows. Express VPN helps you to hide your IP address, protect your data, and access blocked sites and apps. It is totally risk free and trusted.

3. Hola VPN
Hola VPN is a fast and exceptionally user-friendly VPN that provides you a totally free VPN services. It was founded in 2007. But wait, before downloading you must know that it's not totally safe as it works on peer to peer system which means you share your bandwidth with other users.

4. Turbo VPN
Turbo VPN is one of the best ideal options to access your favourite content anytime. It is mainly a free service but you can also subscribe to its paid version. Its paid version allows you to connect with 29 servers across 15 countries. 

5. Tunnelbear
Tunnelbear is one of simple VPN which provides you a totally safe and private browsing. It works on IOS, Mac, Windows. Currently this is free for one device, but you can purchase it's subscription by paying 36$ per year.

6. Hotspot Shield Free VPN
Hotspot Shield Free VPN is one of the best free VPN. It allows you to 500 MB daily limit and also has 24/7 support system. You can also subscribe to its paid version which allows you to connect with 3200+ servers across 70+ countries. You can try its premium service with 7 day free trial. 

7. Hide me
Hide me is a simple VPN and provides three servers. You can connect only one device with a free plan. But a good advantage is that it is totally ad free VPN. It allows you 2GB of free data per month which is quite low, but you can easily unblock websites and browse securely. The interface of the App is very simple and very easy to use.

8. Windscribe
Windscribe is a Canada based VPN service Provider. The App is easy to use and user friendly. It has strong encryption and protocol options. Windscribe allows you 10GB bandwidth per month.

Remember, when you're connected to a VPN server, it is very normal to loose speed.  As it takes time for your data to travel to server. Even sometimes in the premium version also, you will notice the speed lose. However VPNs are very useful to hide IP address and your private data.

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