World Environment Day 2020 : Things that we should Learn from Nature

World Environment Day

The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura and literally meant "birth". Nature is the bestest gift for us. Today, each and everything we use in our daily life is somehow given by the Mother Nature. Nature not only helps to live our life comfortably, but it also give us many lessons like a teacher. Today in this article, we are going to discuss about seven things that we should learn from the motherly nature.

World Environment Day 2020 : Things that we should Learn from Nature
World Environment Day 2020 : Things that we should Learn from Nature 

It is a fact that life is not easy and it is full of hurdles. Sometimes, Something such happens to us that makes us to feel so low and depressed. It's seem like, everything is over now. Many people in such situations takes very bad steps. This is wrong. But think that during the autumn, when there is no leaves left on a tree, is it the end of the tree? No, Right. This is the rule of the nature. Whenever something bad happens to us, it is a sign that something very good, something better is going to happen with us. We just have to stand and stay in hope like a tree in autumn.

Make Your Own Identity like a lotus
It does not matter where you belong to or where you are from. You are here to do something very good. Just as a lotus that stays in the mud but does not allow its slimes to effect it's beauty, same we should never let evil grow in ourselves.

Be humble and down to earth
The way a river always flows downwards, a human should always be humble to others. We get what we gives others. Therefore you should be humble and kind to everyone. If you respect others, You will get respect too. If you think bad about others, it will happen with you too.

It takes time 
Just as the giant tree takes a long time to grow, just as the mango tree takes approx five years to grow, same it takes time for our great goal to meet. So we need to have patience and have to work hard continue. Big things takes time to happen. But some people can't keep up the patience and give up on their work. One who does this may regret it later.

Hard work pays off 
Have you ever observed ants? The little but magnificent ants are the most hardworking creature. Their work wonders, these ants works continuously throughout the year. Even after several failed attempt, these ants never give up. If the ants can do this, why we humans can not do. These ants are inspiration for us to never give up.

Believe in Yourself 
'Believe in yourself' is very important to be successful. Do you know about the life cycle of a butterfly. How a tiny caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly. Same, anyone can change his life with his believe and willpower. Ignore others and believe in your own instincts and potential and you will find that how much capable you are. So never loose your hope, you can create your own beautiful bright future. Just believe in yourself and nobody can stop you.

World Environment Day 2020 : Things that we should Learn from Nature
World Environment Day 2020 : Things that we should Learn from Nature 
Never stops chasing your Dreams 
It is said that the joy of turning your own dreams to reality is incomparable. But it is also true that it takes hard work, knowledge, effort, dedication and time. You can dream anything in a very short of time, but turning that dream into reality is not a piece of cake. Migratory birds travel long distances to reach their destinations, this is the perfect example of dedication. These birds are the inspiration for everyone that one should not hesitate to travel any length to turn their dreams into reality. So never stop chasing your dreams.

That's it for today. Wish you happy world environment day. 
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