100% Successful Low Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas In India 2020

The tradition of commerce has been going on since from a very long time and over the time there have been many changes in commerce as well. In today's modern times, having a own successful business is a great source of income. There can be many types of businesses which include all types of businesses from low capital to high capital, from making goods to selling goods. Manufacturing businesses requires a high investment. However, there are some which you can start with a minimum investment. Today in this article, We will discuss about top 11 low investment manufacturing business ideas In India to start in 2020 with a low investment.

Top 11 Low Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas In India to Start In 2020
Low Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas 

Here are low investment manufacturing business ideas in India

1.  Manufacturing Incense Stick (Agarbatti)

Agarbattis or incense stick is used in 90 countries of the world and India is its largest producer. It is a perfect low investment manufacturing business because these incense sticks has a all time demand and even goes higher during the festivals. In India, these Incense stick are very deeply attached with religious activities. So, it could be a perfect choice for you. All you need to start this business is some small equipment and machines. You can start this manufacturing business even at home. This manufacturing business do not requires a lot of investment. By providing a good quality and price, you can easily with the game.

2. Manufacturing Homemade Snacks

India has a lot of variety of snacks. The more delicious these snacks are to eat, the greater is their demand in the market. If anyone is looking for a low investment manufacturing business from home, my first recommendation is homemade snacks manufacturing. All you need to start this business is packaging machinery and a perfect recipe. Also you will need some small equipment to make your job done fast. However you will need to do some advertisement for your product to push your business at its first stage. One great benefit of this business is that it has a lot of variety which will help you to catch the market easily.  

3. Manufacturing Slipper   

The biggest feature of technology is that it makes things very simple. Today you can make anything easily with the help of machines. Slipper making cheap machines are available in the market. With the help of these machines you can easily set up your own slipper manufacturing business. Raw material for making slippers are also very easily available. All you need to start this manufacturing business is machinery and raw material. This business requires a medium investment, but it has a good profit margin.   

4. Manufacturing Handmade Crafts

I always say that handmade crafts are the best choice for business because these things are very attractive and people like them. If you are an expert in crafting, you can start your own manufacturing of handmade crafts. However, you need to purchase some equipment and machinery to make your crating done fast and accurate. Handmade craft has a great demand as a gifting item and for decoration. Also it has a good profit margin. Hence it is also a great low investment manufacturing business for those who are expert in crafting. 

5. Manufacturing Ball Pan 

If you are new in the field of business or you have never been involved in any trading, but you want to start your own business then the best option would be to start a business with minimal investment. Ball pan manufacturing business is one of the best low investment business. Also it has a very good demand not only in domestic market but also in international market. To start this business, you have to purchase machinery, equipment and raw material which is very easily available in the market. 

There are many such companies available in the market which not only provide you the machines and raw materials, but also buy produced goods from you.

6. Manufacturing Cover File 

Manufacturing Cover File business is also a low investment business. A cover file is an item that is required in all types of offices, organizations and institutions. That is why it has a very good demand in the market. You can start your business by manufacturing varieties of colorful cover files. Machinery and raw materials for this manufacturing business is very easily available.

7. Manufacturing Foil Container

Foil containers are the best and cheap option for packing food. They are used for packing food in every type of restaurant as these are cheap and can also keep a food hot and warm for a certain time. That is why these containers has a good demand. Manufacturing these containers are very easy and you can manufacture about 5000 Containers in a day. Raw materials and machinery is also very easily available in the market. You can start this business even form your home because container manufacturing machines do not takes a lot of space. 

8. Manufacturing Brush  

Brush is one of the essential items used daily in homes. Different types of brushes are used daily in homes such as toothbrushes, tile cleaning brushes etc. If you want to start a manufacturing business in 2020 with low investment then brush manufacturing business is a great option for you. It do not requires a lot of investment also has a good return. Raw materials and machinery are easily available in the market. To start this manufacturing business, all you need is a space, labors, machinery and raw material. 

9. Manufacturing Women Accessories

Women Accessories like hairbands, clips, bindies, nail pants etc are very easy to manufacture using machines. There is no doubt that these items has a great sell and demand in the Indian market, which makes it a profitable business. This is a low investment manufacturing business. This is a business that you can start even from your home.

10. Manufacturing Envelope

If you are looking for a manufacturing business with minimal investment, envelope manufacturing business is the best option. Envelopes are required everywhere from small shops to big companies. If you want to start a small business from home, then this is the best option for you. All you need is machinery and raw material which is very easily available in the market.  

11. Manufacturing Kitchen Utensils

Manufacturing kitchen utensils is a profitable business. There is a huge variety of kitchen utensils that you can manufacture. These small items has a great demand and sell. You can easily start your own business by specializing in a specific type and style. All you need is machinery and raw materials which are very easily available in the market. If you are looking for a profitable manufacturing business in 2020, this could be a perfect choice for you.   

So, these were 11 top low investment manufacturing business. Before starting any business, make sure to do some deep research and collect all the information regarding the business. Do you want to know about the manufacturing machines? If yes, Comment below and follow us.

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